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Commissions Open: Quaran-time


Hey. It's weird right now, but we all need to live.

After you purchase, email me (narc@narcisoespiritu.com) with your request of:

1) Your original character (please provide reference)
2) An established company-owned character (i.e. Marvel, DC, Funimation, etc.)
3) Your pet, which will be transformed into a Gooey Mutant (and potentially a future sticker!) Please list personality traits and favorite things and quirks about them, as well as several photos for reference.

All drawings will be as specified in your purchase, unless I feel like flexing.
No portraits.

5x5" drawings will be black and white and only half-body
8x10" drawings can be black and white or full-color and full-body standing. Like a lookbook.

All commissions for this season will be delivered between May-June 2020. Although it could be later. I'll do my best.